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Our Mission

Lighthouse Tech aims to benefit blind and vision impaired people, their families, wider social networks, and society as a whole. LTH01 promotes safe, independent outdoor mobility, increasing sense of self-sufficiency and wellbeing and reducing access barriers to opportunities.


Pioneering smart eyewear
for blind and vision impaired people


An eyewear frame to help people living with low vision and blindness get outside with confidence

Front view of LTH01 eyewear frame

How it works

LTH01 is our first-generation eyewear frame for people with vision impairment, blindness, and spatial perceptual disorders.

Fashion frames with a high-tech core

Sensors and electronics are incorporated modularly in eyewear temples allowing users to select fashion eyewear frame components.

The LTH01 modular series is ready to be incorporated into fashion eyewear collections. We want to help people with vision loss to feel comfortable and look good! Talk to our design team to learn more.

A picture showing a tester walking in a train station wearing LTH01 eyewear frames

Co-designed and validated with blind and vision impaired people

“Cool! Because they use haptics to tell you if an object comes from a particular direction … on your right, or on your left, or straight ahead"

Matt Ater, Chair

Consumer Technology Association Foundation​

“LTH01 is very comfortable and very lightweight!"

“The vibration alert works smoothly.”

Claudia Biasca, blind since the age of 8

alpha tester

“Haptics in the frame are effective."

“You want something easy to grab when you take your kids to the park”

Greg Stilton, Global Innovation Head

American Printing House for the Blind

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Experience in high-tech, product design, and entrepreneurship

Lighthouse Tech brings together a team with many years in the optical industry, microelectronics, R&D, and a vast network of contacts with strategic partners.


Franco Burlando


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Riccardo Baldini


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Nathan Deutsch


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Emanuele Pizzatti

Advisor - business development

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Andrea Moroni Stampa


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Claudio Dalla Longa

Advisor - medical

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Scientific Advisory Board


Melissa Graboyes

Advisor - medical

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Carlo Guareschi

Advisor - medical

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Moreno Menghini

Advisor - medical

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Lighthouse Tech SA

Via Maestri Comacini 10C
6834 Morbio Inferiore

Ticino, Switzerland

+41 79 264 22 01

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