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Fashion frames with obstacle detection for blind and vision impaired people

Lighthouse is a stylish, intelligent eyewear frame. Front-facing obstacle sensors protect you from collisions in the vulnerable upper body zone, where the white cane is not effective. Obstacles are communicated with haptics on the left and right eyewear arms for an intuitive experience that gives you more confidence.


Available in youth and adult sizes. Make it yours with a choice of fashion frame styles to fit every face.

This is a 1 minute video of two women trying out Lighthouse smart eyewear in an artificial obstacle maze one after the other. The obstacle maze is outdoors, 5 meters long, and contains two head-hight obstacles made of soft cardboard and foam. The first tester is a middle-aged woman. She walks toward the first and second obstacles, stops, and reaches out to touch them with her hand. The second tester is an orientation and mobility trainer. She points to the obstacles as she passes them by moving right and left. She removes the glasses and smiles at the end of the video. Both testers are using a long white cane.
A 3d render of the eyewear device in black-matte finish. The lenses are clear.

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Lighthouse is in development, but our early testers are already excited


Paralympian and multi-athlete

As a blind person, I already constantly use haptics to 'feel' my surroundings. These glasses are an extremely haptic device. Their ability to read my surroundings is transferred through vibrations to give me 'a sense with another sense'. My mantra has always been, 'it's not possible that it's impossible'. This new tool will make even more things possible for me.

Orientation and mobility trainer

Of all the electronic devices I've tried or talked over with clients, yours seems the most promising because it's so easy to understand. It significantly reduces the amount of training and complexity that typically deter people from assistive technology.

Lighthouse Tech SA

Via Maestri Comacini 10C
6834 Morbio Inferiore

Ticino, Switzerland

+41 79 264 22 01

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